Robin Irene Moss has been performing in New York City since 2013. Since then, her crystal-clear vocals and arresting lyrics have enchanted many an audience. You can't help but relate to the new American folk music she writes. 

Drawing influence from folk revival royalty (Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Phil Ochs), contemporary artists (The Staves, Regina Spektor, The Tallest Man on Earth), as well as the rich style and storytelling of jazz greats (Cole Porter, Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington) her music is a palette of many colors. 

In addition to performing regularly around NYC, Robin Irene has toured several times in Europe, as well as across the USA. She has a vast catalogue, from her album Leave Your Desert Behind (2015) and EP I Like You (2013), to the multitude of original songs on her YouTube channel, Robin Irene Originals

She is currently touring the UK with her new Single, Wings of Wire


"On Wings Of Wire, Robin Irene Moss’s unique and lilting voice cuts through a unique blend of instrumentals to deliver potent existentialist reflections" --York Calling

"Her honesty is the cornerstone of her songs... Complexity is built in a solid simplicity" --comeherefloyd

"To say her talent as a songwriter is otherworldly is an understatement. I can’t believe how talented and honest her music is: it’s playful, sincere, and there’s no doubt her lyrics sound like poems coming to life." --Play Too Much

“Undoubtedly, Moss is at the beginning of a career that could turn into an avalanche…Her lovable nature appeals to the audience as much as her soulful [and] passionate songs.” 
--Die Glocke (translation)

“Whenever Robin Irene Moss let her voice ring, it became very quiet in the room, because with her gentle voice [she] can caress souls.” --NWZ Online (translation)

"songs and lyrics that quietly draw you in to their stories. A sideways look at life" --Little Rabbit Barn Blog